Working predominantly with sculpture, collage and photography my work is inclusive and experimental. Whilst there is a respect for the traditions of the techniques, I try to offer a refreshing open approach to the materials and methods that might be utilised. The result is that these works are also ‘fantastical’ in their basic form, unusual compositions and combinations of colour combined to give the viewer a playful tug on the imagination.

The theme of protection is an underlining thread throughout my work. Currently expressed through the quantity and the ‘qualities’ of items included and produced for each piece; demonstrating the often compulsive element to my work, a tendency for obsessive repetition, again in the quantity of the works or the approach taken within each work (repetitive mark making).

My work as a whole actively seeks out more commonplace materials and homes in on the already formed associations with these materials or objects.  My recent site-specific pieces have engaged with objects and materials that have particular place meaning; a process of importing a history, to export it back out to the place in reference. To either reinforce an already acknowledged site or industry heritage to the viewer; or reawaken a heritage that should be remembered.


If you would like to arrange a studio visit, contact me about exhibiting or are interested in commissioning or purchasing work, please email me on:

Artist CV 2016 – Lorna Barrowclough – pdf


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